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Public & Private Drainage

From public to private drainage BCG Civil is committed to providing efficient and long-lasting drainage solutions. With over 46 years of experience in the industry our team of professionals offers high-standard services that guarantee success to residential and commercial drainage projects.

Site Cutting & Subdivision

We have over 46 years experience in the drainage field and will provide the best solution to what you are looking for. Using out knowledge we can design, quote and install an advanced and reliable treatment system for properties in the North Island area.

Earthmoving & Roading

Our team includes highly experienced earthworks operators. We are able to undertake all aspects of earthworks services from Bulk Excavation, through to road construction. Using the latest GPS equipment to ensure accuracy and efficiency, our skilled earthworks teams combine technical expertise with pride in their work.


Based in Auckland, BCG Civil provides a full demolition service: demolishing homes, buildings and structures, clearing and preparing sites. Following demolition, we can also undertake bulk earthworks and excavation - such as hill cuts and site scrapes, through to building foundations, utilities, roading and footpaths. We have the team, expertise, machinery and equipment to work on residential, commercial and industrial demolition projects throughout Auckland and the North Island.

Bulk Excavation & Cartage

BCG Civil is a long-established excavation company in NZ. We're excavation contractors, providing a comprehensive range of excavating and earth moving services. Our machines are fully licensed and insured. Our operators have the extensive experience and knowledge to handle any project in an efficient and professional manner.

BCG owns several plant and machines, all in good condition and regularly serviced. Our eight excavators range from 33 tonne diggers down to 1.5 tonne. Owning also two loaders, two rollers, pumps, compactors of all sizes and other essential equipment. We also have the option to lease out our plants and equipment.

Traffic Control & Traffic Management

Traffic management is a necessary expense, but not always a welcome one. We see each job as having two clients: our customer and the public. We’re interested in helping you achieve your goals by offering our expertise, ultimately helping you work more efficiently and safely, while simultaneously keeping the public safe with as little disruption as possible.  We have grown stable teams who have the knowledge and experience of these large project requirements.

If the work you require is not listed, please give us a call (or an email) and we will be more than happy to talk your project through with you.

Plants & Gear Hire

BCG Civil operates its own fleet of machines and equipment for excavations and other aspects related to civil projects like utility service and pipeline installations. These machines are typically used on the projects we are contracted on, but we also have a range of plant available to hire, along with our experienced and knowledgeable operators.


If you’re looking for experienced contractors, we can do any job efficiently and within your time frame. We carry out our works on a strictly best-practice basis. Our expert excavators and operators deliver the highest standards of work.

We ensure that proper safety measures are in place at all times to minimize possible risks and hazards at all stages of excavation and related works.  Our scope includes a comprehensive range of site excavations for dwellings, renovations, home upgrades and similar operations.

Company History

David Spencer originally formed David Spencer Ltd in Lower Hutt way back in 1972, when it consisted of him and a Poclain digger. He built up both the company and his expertise working tirelessly in and around Wellington for 30 years, completing countless construction projects, from large 5-year projects right down to daily jobs. In 2002, David moved to Wanganui and changed the company name to Wanganui Drainage Contractors Ltd.

Wanganui Drainage contractors Ltd grew vastly experienced in the laying of storm water, sewer, gas and water drains, they had constructed pipeline projects. Throughout this time David had built a lot of good working relationships with various companies and councils with an unique and highly desirable ability to overcome difficult site conditions, giving him the reputation of being an open and honest man with an enormous level of experience, a hands on approach to get the job done.

In 2017 Brothers Construction Group purchased and merged with Wanganui Drainage Contractors Ltd and created BCG Civil, a subsidiary of Brothers Construction Group. We're a professional and hardworking team doing bare land site cutting, retaining wall subdivision, road work, public and private line connection and all service lines.

With David Spencer at our side as our Project Manager, BCG Civil is committed to providing quality commensurate with the drawings, specifications and contract sum. At all times, BCG Civil will observe good trade practice and raise issues of quality for the principle/client to decide upon.

In committing to this standard, we have instigated a formalized method of auditing quality and quality control throughout company procedures. It is our intention that by implementing high quality standards, that we will be able to achieve performance results that exceeds our client’s expectations.

David Spencer (center), founder of David Spencer Ltd and Wanganui Drainage Contractors Ltd, Evan Lin (right) & Charles Chen (left) owners of BCG & BCG Civil


David Spencer, founder of David Spencer Ltd and Wanganui Drainage Contractors Ltd, now Project Manager for BCG Civil







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